Pallet marking,
as you want it


Our Company offers a service that is peerless in Hungary: the unique marking of pallets.


The most important options of marking are listed below:

Type of heat treatment of the pallet, identifier of the heat treatment provider, date of performance of the heat treatment. This way, the pallet will have a clear indication of who performed this important activity and when.

Logo of the customer company. If the emblem meets all graphical requirements, we can display it on the pallet.

Display of other information requested by the customer. Upon preliminary consultation, depending on the type and nature of the pallet and the length of the text requested.

Pallets that are clearly yours.

Our pallet production line assisted with robot technology uses state-of-the-art marking technology.

This allows us to furnish pallets with marking in a high quality.

This service is currently under development. If you are interested, please contact our colleagues via the contacts shown.